Primary school in Višnjička Banja settlement

Primary school in Višnjička Banja settlement was designed for 650 pupils. Teaching is conducted in 24 general-purpose classrooms and 8 special-purpose classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology, geography, art, music, informatics and technical education.
A gymnasium, 32.40 x 18.00 m in size, with four changing rooms, teacher offices and equipment storeroom, was designed for physical education.
The design also envisaged rooms for teaching staff, technical and supporting rooms, and shelter. The school is located between Romena Rolana Street and Sestara Bukumirović Street on cadastral plot 1370/9, Višnjica CM, 20,381 m² in area. The ground unevenly falls, and height difference is 12.5 meters.

The plot includes three functional units – sports fields in the north-west area facing Danube, school building with patio for senior pupils in the central area, and yard for young schoolchildren with landscaped green and recreation zones in the south-east area. A road running around the school with vehicle and pedestrian approaches from surrounding streets is integrated into pedestrian plateaus designed next to the school.
The school complex organized in this way enables establishment of protective greenery along the plot boundaries.
Building floors: basement + ground floor + 1 floor.
Realized areas: net area of 6,316.95 m², gross building area of 7,345.90 m².


Belgrade City Administration - Secretariat for Education





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