Pedestrian bridge – connection between the Grand Stairs and the Sava Quay

After completion of the technical documentation, CIP enabled realization of conceptual and artistic design of two artists – sculptors, Mrđan Bajić and Richard Deacon under the title of “Kalemegdan Bridge”.
The Fortress connection was formed in the way that will not affect the Kalemegdan landscape and the Fortress panorama and at the same time its end point at the quay near the Concrete Hall had to be a functional, aesthetic and a state-of-the-art intervention in space, bearing in mind that the Sava Promenade is being constantly developed and adapted to a modern city and new commercial use of the Concrete Hall.
The pedestrian bridge, 75m long “emerges” at the foot of the Belgrade Fortress Grand Stairs, passes above a busy road and a railway line and ends at a slightly graded ramp with several spirals in the total length of 83m, which connects the promenade and the footbridge.
This architectural and sculptural form with elevator tower and a sculpture at the top is a new landmark, where the historic downtown and the modern city meet, and at the same time it stands out as a state-of-the-art intervention in space.
The Sava Promenade in the zone of the footbridge was designed for resting, leisure and recreation, as it contains all the elements needed for this purpose. Landscaped free areas occupy 6170m².


Belgrade Land Development Public Agency


City of Belgrade, Serbia



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