Extension and reconstruction of “Duško Radović” Little Theatre in 1, Aberdareva Street, Belgrade

The building of “Duško Radović” Little Theatre was constructed in 1967. within the complex of the House of Pioneers – Puppet Theatre – Radio Television of Serbia, according to the design of Professor Ivan Antić. Since then, the building has not been subjected to any extensive reconstruction. The theatre was damaged during the 1999 bombing.
The net area of the building after intervention is about 2010 m², since around 250 m² were added.
Stage technology, upper and lower stage machinery, stage lighting and AV systems were innovated according to the design. Different stage configurations for 195-236 spectators were enabled. Interior decoration was carried out in public and representative spaces. A false floor was added to the theatre hall to enable better visibility and placement of installations. The hall interior was decorated according to “black box” model in order to create better preconditions for the lighting system design. The spatial acoustics requirements were fulfilled. The entire face wall was innovated and reconstructed according to the new design concept. One section of the theatre for a little stage was fitted with stage equipment enabling its separation. For this purpose, the volume of the Tašmajdan Park entrance was increased.
The landscape design served to harmonize the theatre building with highly important and dynamic environment. The landscape design covered 1740 m² of the open area.
The ramp/entrance for the disabled with direct access to the theatre auditorium was constructed on the Russian Church side.
Completely new installation systems and equipment were introduced. A new transformer station and a diesel generator set were installed in the special building dug in below the park path level. Appropriate fire safety measures were undertaken.


Belgrade City Administration, Investment agency / Culture Bureau / ''Duško Radović'' Little theatre





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