Bridge over the Sava River at the location of the Old Sava Bridge

The Old Sava Bridge extends near the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers at the foot of the Kalemegdan Fortress along the route that connects the old Belgrade centre (Savamala) with the New Belgrade centre. The new bridge will be constructed at the location of the Old Save Bridge.
The new steel tied-arch bridge will have 166.0 m long span. The total length of the bridge is 420.0 m. The total width of the bridge is 38.1 m (the width at pedestrian belvedere locations is 42.1 m). The bridge profile will have two carriageways, 6.0 m wide each, a double-track tramway corridor in the middle, minimum 8.00 m wide, and sidewalks on both sides, 3.30 m wide each with one-way cycle tracks. Technical documentation level: Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design. Awards: First place in the Urban and architectural competition for reconstruction of the Old Sava Bridge, 2017.


Belgrade Land Development Public Agency


City of Belgrade, Serbia



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