The lecture was attended by around 80 visitors – students of the University of Belgrade and the professional and scientific audience. Understanding the importance of technology for implementing mobility in the development of liveable cities, based on the possibility of obtaining real-time information and the ever increasing and specific demands of residents, considering the mass use of communication systems, the lecture presented a new concept regarding implementation of mobility known as Mobility as a Service – MaaS. The MaaS concept integrates various means of transport and other services into a single mobility service available at the user’s request. The key activity behind the MaaS concept is to place users at the center of all services, including transport services, while providing customized solutions for implementing mobility, based on their individual needs in time and space.

After the central activity, Dragana Slavković, master engineer in geology, designer at CIP and PhD student in the field of Geotechnics held a presentation with the topic “Geotechnics and its importance in the economy”. Geotechnics is a multidisciplinary engineering profession that strives to fit any engineering structure (road, railway line, tunnel, bridge, etc.) into the natural system, while avoiding consequences. Geotechnics is the first stage in implementation of complex infrastructure projects. The lecture presented the engineering discipline through examples of real projects carried out by CIP Team. The presentation also showed how specific engineering problems, manifested by uneven and uncontrolled settlement of buildings/structures or the terrain thereunder, due to activation of landslides, rock-slides, exceeding the load bearing capacity, etc., were successfully resolved and how they are transformed into buildings/structures safe and reliable for use.