The 10th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis (ICROMA) – “RailBelgrade 2023” was held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, in the period from April 25th to April 28th, 2023. The conference ICROMA was organized by the International Association IAROR with aim to exchange knowledge and connect university researchers and experts from the railway sector around the world. The host and co-organizer of this largest international railway conference is the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Engineering, and the patrons are the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. The railway Conference was attended by more than 200 scientists and experts from more than 20 countries, who presented the latest developments related to railway traffic and gave guidelines for the further development of this transport activity.

Saobraćajni institut CIP, as one of the most important stakeholders in the development and designing of railway infrastructure in the region, and as one of the partners of this important international event, delivered a notable performance and made a great contribution with the presence of its experts at panel discussions as well as with the booth and presentations concerning the latest projects and future plans related to the further development of the railway sector in the Republic of Serbia.