Spatial plan of the special purpose area of the E-761 highway infrastructure corridor, Pojate – Preljina section

Spatial plan of the special purpose area is a basis for direct implementation by issuance of location requirements, preparation of technical documentation, formation of public building plots, obtaining permits and/or creation condition for the highway construction, fully in accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction. The primary function of this highway is to provide a high-capacity road that will satisfy traffic demand in the future period, while the secondary function is to stimulate development of close and distant surroundings, i.e., the area covered by spatial plan and the regions gravitating to it, and to achieve maximum commercial effects in the direct highway surrounding. Upon completion of the Pojate – Preljina highway section, the road network in Serbia will provide much better service to the current flows of people and goods in the network of class 1 and class 2 state roads. A special purpose within the Spatial plan refers to the planned E-761 highway, Pojate – Preljina section, about 112 km long, with 132 structures – bridges, overpasses, underpasses, including watercourse regulation and road diversions, relocation of electrical, telecommunication and other infrastructures caused by the highway route. All above-mentioned planning solutions are related to the public use, general interest and public property.


Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure


Varvarin, Ćićevac, Kruševac, Trstenik, Kraljevo, Čačak



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