Railway bridge over the Velika Morava River on the Belgrade – Niš reconstructed and modernized railway line

The railway bridge over the Velika Morava River is located on the Belgrade – Niš main railway line, Gilje – Ćuprija – Paraćin section. This double-track bridge structure is a steel lattice continuous beam of the following spans: 52.5 +67.5 + 82.5 + 67.5 + 52.5 = 322.5m. The main girder was completely welded. The structure has constant height of 8.0m and axial width of 10.0m.
Technical documentation level: Preliminary Design, Building Permit Design, Detailed Design

Awards: Recognition for the best achievement in civil and structural engineering awarded by the Serbian Association of Structural Engineers in the field of design and construction 2014. i 2015.


Infrastruktura železnice Srbije ad, Belgrade





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