Detailed regulation plans (drps) for the Belgrade highway and railway bypass

Detailed regulation plans (drps) for the Belgrade highway and railway bypass sections (Bubanj potok – Vinča – Pančevo highway section and Beli Potok – Vinča – Pančevo railway section), with road-railway bridge over the Danube River, city municipalities of Voždovac and Grocka, and in the territory of the city of Pančevo
The E-75 highway bypass is a branch of the Trans-European Motorway (TEM) that in Serbia connects the Horgoš – Novi Sad – Belgrade – Niš corridor 10, the TEM main route with the existing E-70 Belgrade – Zagreb – Ljubljana – Salzburg (E-70) highway and with the planned E-763 Belgrade – South Adriatic highway and the E-70 Belgrade – Vršac – Romanian border highway, as well as the M-21 and M-22 state roads of class 1. In this way, all international and main roads converging at Belgrade will be interconnected and enable relief of the city network from transit traffic, particularly freight traffic, and more direct distribution of origin-destination traffic. Freight railway bypass at Belgrade side will be connected to the Rakovica – “K1” branching-off point – Jajinci – Mala Krsna – Velika Plana railway line at Beli potok station, then will cross the Danube River over the bridge near Vinča and join the Pančevo – Vršac railway line via branching-off point at Pančevo exit on Srpsko polje location, and finally will be integrated into the Pančevo railway junction (28.8 km length). Upon completion of the railway and road bypass, transit road traffic and freight railway traffic will be diverted outside the narrow city areas of Belgrade and Pančevo, which will result in relief of the city road network and reduction of negative environmental impacts. The DRP preparation is aimed at creation of planning conditions for setting the route of the Belgrade highway and railway bypass sections. The DRP will be a planning basis for provision of information about location, issuance of location permit, and preparation of urban planning and technical documentation. The objective of road bypass construction is improvement of traffic capacity and service level. This route in the Serbian primary network should take over long-distance flows from the existing highway through Belgrade and eliminate transit traffic through the capital


Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Assembly of the City of Pančevo


City of Belgrade, Serbia



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