Environmental monitoring study of the IA class state road No. A1, Gornje Polje – Caričina Dolina section

Development of the Environmental monitoring study has included preparation and implementation of the monitoring program for air, land, surface and ground waters, and noise. The study analysed the use of human and material resources needed for implementation of the environmental monitoring program in the zone of the relevant section impact. Optimum number of locations, parameters, measurement methods and scheduling were determined to identify environmental degradation due to impacts of the road and all activities related to its operation. Type and level of environmental risk were determined based on the analysis of applied structural elements, road equipment and service facilities, traffic flow characteristics, use of land and environmental potentials in the zone of the relevant road section impact. The current environmental condition and level of degradation caused by presence and operation of the relevant highway section were identified by monitoring, sampling and analysis of parameters at locations listed in the Study.


PE “Roads of Serbia”





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