“Dedinje” Cardiovascular Institute

Design for construction of new building for “Dedinje” Cardiovascular Institute in Belgrade and reconstruction of the existing building was prepared to increase the capacity of this institution in two phases. Phase 1 includes construction of new building consisting of basement, ground floor, first and second floors, crawl space, third floor and attic with a gross area of 13,958m². Phase 2 includes reconstruction of the existing building consisting of cellar, ground floor, three floors and attic with a gross area of 8,853.70m². After completion of both phases, the building will form a single functional whole with a total gross area of 22,811.70m². The building will be provided with 274 hospital beds (preoperative and postoperative inpatient clinic, intensive and semi-intensive care units) , 11 operating theatres, related medical facilities (polyclinic, specialized cardiovascular diagnostic services, laboratories, blood transfusion, pharmacy and similar), and related non-medical facilities (staff accommodation, administration rooms, education rooms, technical rooms, storerooms, supply rooms, food serving areas and similar). In addition to construction of new building and reconstruction of the existing one, the design also envisaged driveways and pedestrian paths, parking lots and landscaping of related free areas.


Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Economy / "Dedinje" Cardiovascular Institute Institute





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