Construction of social housing complex on cadastral plot 3672/3, Ovča CM

The complex includes 4 groups of residential and commercial buildings with a total of 972 apartments and 31 shops of 85,000 m2 gross area in total.
Technical documentation prepared by CIP defined the final concept of the complex, which includes award-winning competition designs developed by several teams of authors. The highest energy efficiency principles with the use of renewable energy sources were applied in the design of residential buildings.
Groups 1 and 2, wastewater treatment plant, transport and technical infrastructure have been constructed so far, including 5 new transformer stations and electrical feeder from Borča 2 transformer station, telecommunication systems with about 1,000 terminals, heat pumps with well water as a heat source (it was envisaged to use geothermal energy for heating), water supply, fire-fighting and sewage infrastructure with wastewater treatment plant.
All capacities were defined according to the needs and standards for about 4,000 inhabitants.
Combined children’s institution is currently being constructed next to the complex in accordance with the CIP’s design.