The international event called “Arhitekta Forum: Next Level,” held in the MTS Hall in Belgrade from May 7th to 8th, 2024, brought together the best speakers and experts, including the CIPTeam representatives.

Focusing on topics of sustainability, energy efficiency, BIM technology, and artificial intelligence, the importance of out-of-the-box thinking was emphasized. Through stories and examples of projects from various parts of the world, distinguished speakers shared their challenges and knowledge that led them to unique creative ideas. Some of the participating speakers are Sir Peter Cook, Ho-Yin Ng, representatives of the world-renowned architectural studios such as Neutelings Riedijk Architects, INNOCAD, Coldefy, and others.

This invaluable experience will be significant for implementation in future CIP designs. It is in our interest as a company to follow global design trends and engage our designers to actively contribute to raising the quality of design in the region.