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North Tangent Road with Zemun - Borča Bridge

Belgrade 16. 06. 2010

Preliminary and Final designs of North Tangent Road in Belgrade, from T-6 road to Belgrade - Pančevo road, about 21.3 km long with Zemun - Borča Bridge


Construction of North Tangent Road and Zemun - Borča Bridge is a new model for implementation of big infrastructure and development projects in Serbia resulting from cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the People's Republic of China. The Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation in the field of Infrastructure between the two governmentssigned on 20th August 2009 in Beijing defined that priority in the next period would be implementation of the Project for construction ofZemun - Borča Bridge and related roads. The project owner is the Ministry of National Investment Plan and the main partner in project implementation is the City of Belgrade (Belgrade Land Development Public Agency).

The Institute of Transportation CIP Ltd. and CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation), Chinese Company, are partners jointly engaged in preparation of the Preliminary and Final designs of North Tangent Road withZemun-Borča Bridge.

Importance of infrastructure

  • Zemun-Borča Bridge with related roads is a regional link between Belgrade and South Banat, which strategically connects Corridor 10to Corridor 4 and Romania.
  • Better traffic connection for more than half a million inhabitants of Belgrade Municipalities ofZemun, Palilula and New Belgrade.
  • Zemun - Borča Bridge is located on Belgrade bypass and connectsZrenjanin and Pančevo roads.

Economic effects

  • Short-term economic effects: 45% of total investment value of 76.5 million euros are direct benefit for local construction companies and manufacturers of building materials, which will be engaged as subcontractors in the project.
  • Medium- and long-term effects:creation of conditions for development of new urban areas in Belgrade and for development of residential buildings, industrial and other facilities and necessary infrastructure

Environmental significance

  • Diversion of heavy freight traffic will reduce noise and emission of harmful gasses and improve the environmental protection.

Technical characteristics

This thoroughfare starts at the intersection of T-6 road and the existing road to Novi Sad. Before the Bridge over the Danube River the road crosses Cara Dušana Street at a level junction.

On Banat side this road runs next to Borča settlement and intersects Zrenjanin road. Connection to Borča will be enabled by a level junction. CLOVERLEAF INTERCHANGE was designed on the Belgrade - Zrenjanin road. Such junction concept includes reconstruction of Zrenjanin road section and construction of two grade-separated connections:

  • to Kovilovo, next to Zrenjanin road in direction to Pančevo, and
  • to "Zbeg" cemetery on Zrenjanin road.

The next grade-separated junction of trumpet type was designed at the crossing point of North Tangent Road and a section of North Tangent Arterial Road. Section of North Tangent Road to Pančevo will be treated in the separate design. From this grade-separated junction the road runs down to Belgrade - Pančevo Road and its end point is at level junction next to Politika Printing House.

Level junction to Ovča settlement is located on a section of the road treated in this design.

The thoroughfarewill have four traffic lanes and two emergency lanes.

Typical cross section was adopted on the basis of forecast traffic load in the planning period, traffic structure, road class and assumed design speed of 80 km/h.

Total road length is about 21.3 km.


The cycling/pedestrian paths with a green area between the sidewalk and pavement were designed on the section running from Zemun to km 0+820.00 (about 200m before Cara Dušana Street) so that total width ofcross section of this road stretch is 40.50 m, which is reduced to 32.50 m on the stretch from km 0+820.00 to intersection with Cara Dušana Street due to non-existence of edge greenery. There is no edge greenery on the section from Cara Dušana Street to the Bridge over the Danube River but the central reserve and cycling/pedestrian paths are wider and cross section width is 35.50m. From the Bridge over the Danube River to junction to Borča settlement, the cross section width is 36.00m.

Apart from the Bridge over the Danube River, additional eight bridges and four overpasses were planned on this road and among them the most important are bridges over Zrenjanin road in length of about 210 m, over Belgrade - Pančevo railway line and over Kalovita channel in length of about 610 m.

The Bridge over the Danube River is prestressed reinforced concrete structure about 1500 m long. A waterway clearance (height and width) of the Danube River (international river belonging to Corridor 7) is provided. The bridge structure consists of two central constructions, 95+172+95 m in span, constructions over flood area on the right river bank, 2x48 m in span, constructions over flood area on the left river bank, 15x48 m in span and approaching constructions on the left river bank, 26+3x35+26+4x35 m in span. There will be two separated bridge structures, each 13.95 m wide, on common piers. The central structure is a continuous girder bridging the Danube river in three spans, 95 m + 172 m + 95 m.Box cross section of girder is of variable height ranging from 10 m next to central pier to 4 m in the span mid point. The plate underside is parabolic.


The road will be equipped with adequate traffic signalization system, closed drainage system, lighting system and utility installations that will be placed in the road base due to planned construction of business and residential buildings on the left bank of Danube River.

Run-off from pavement and sidewalks will be channelized by closed drainage system and treated prior to discharge into natural watercourses.

The existing electrical, water supply and sewage installations on the road route shall be reconstructed and displaced.


Project status

The Institute of Transportation CIP Ltd. and CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation), Chinese Company, had completed the Preliminary and Final designs of North Tangent Road with Zemun - Borča Bridge and delivered them to the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency. Аll site works are completed in accordance with the prepared design documentation.