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Final design of the bridge over the Lim River in Prijepolje

13. 12. 2010

The road/pedestrian bridge is continuous girder with 3 spans, L=30+41+30=101.0 m, built of prestressed concrete. It is located about 150m upstream from the mouth of the Mileševka River into the Lim River and connects Prijepolje downtown to left river bank and area suitable for further town development.

Bridge over the Lim River
Bridge over the Lim River

Due to limited width of pavement and footways, high water level under the bridge and reference level fitting into roads at left and right river banks, the bridge had to be designed with small structural height and formed of two parallel boxes.

The mountainous Lim River, which has high water level fluctuations requires structures with deep foundation in high quality materials. The bridge foundations were constructed in igneous rocks (diabases).

The bridge was designed for road and pedestrian traffic. Its total pavement width is 13.05m. The bridge was tested with 120 t load and grouped in the category of city bridges.