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Final design of "Stepa Stepanović" residential and business complex in Belgrade

Belgrade 20. 12. 2010

The location is situated 6 km southeast from Belgrade center on the area of about 42 ha of the former complex of "Stepa Stepanović" barracks on Voždovac Municipality. In accordance with amendments to the Master Plan of Belgrade this specific zone, also known as "4th July“ barracks is intended for the residence. It is bordered by Voždovac ring road in the north, Kumodraška Street in the east and green areas in the south and connected to Vojvode Stepe Street in the west.

Location of residential and business complex
Location of residential and business complex

Planning documents - design process

Urban design as a basis for preparation of technical documentation was prepared by the Town Planning Institute of Belgrade. Saobraćajni institut CIP prepared designs of necessary preliminary (survey and geotechnical) works. Final designs of residential and office buildings as well as deigns of public buildings - business/commercial complex with medical center and market, one kindergarten, two nurseries and two schools are almost completed. Some residential and office buildings are designed by ZAP Company, Belgrade. Saobraćajni institut CIP prepared all designs of traffic and technical infrastructure and landscaping.

Residential and business complex in numbers

  • Area: 42.36 ha
  • Number of apartments: 4612
  • Number of shops/commercial premises: 149
  • Gross area of residential buildings: 440,000 m2
  • Gross area of associated facilities: 19,000 m
  • Gross area of business and commercial buildings: 55,000 m2
  • Total length of streets: 10,500 m
  • Total parking lots: 4,799


The complex shall be provided with complete infrastructure:
electrical installations with 29 new transformer stations, telecommunication system with about 1,000 telephone connections and optic cables to each apartment, district heating system, water supply system, fire prevention system and sewerage infrastructure.

Spatial development

The buildings consist of different types of apartments - from flatlets to four-room apartments. Ground floors consist of apartments adapted to persons with special needs.

The building structure enables future owners to adapt the interior space to their needs. The buildings are free-standing in the form of open block. Every building consists of several bays. Shops/commercial premises shall be on the ground floors of buildings oriented toward central street of the complex. All associated facilities are defined in accordance with needs and standards for about13300 dwellers.

Park area and business/commercial building with all facilities necessary for supply, cultural life of dwellers and health care shall be located in the central zone of the complex.