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Design for reconstruction of tramway tracks, pavement and sidewalks from Vukov spomenik (the Vuk Monument) intersection to Omladinski stadium (Stadium of the Youth)

16. 11. 2017

The reconstruction project covers the section of Ruzveltova and Mije Kovačevića Streets from Vukov spomenik intersection to Omladinski stadium and the design concept includes: reconstruction of double-track tramway line with tracks separated by direction and laid along both sides of roadway in Ruzveltova and Mije Kovačevića Streets, tracks at "Žagubica" intersection, a section of tram loop near Omladinski stadium and reconstruction of pavement and sidewalks in Ruzveltova and Mije Kovačevića Streets including cycle tracks within the sidewalk areas.

Total length of the reconstructed street is 1585.5 m.

In accordance with the design, the 24.20 m wide bridge of 13.45 m span at the crossing of Ruzveltova and Cvijićeva Street was rehabilitated, meaning that new pavement was built and tramway tracks laid on both sides of the bridge.

Tramway overhead catenary system along Ruzveltova and Mije Kovačevića Streets was also reconstructed and now the OCS masts carry the lighting components. Electrical installations were also reconstructed together with cabling of existing overhead electrical system.

A tramway lane in Ruzveltova and Mije Kovačevića Streets is at the same level with the pavement and its design will enable, besides tramways and buses, movement of all other vehicles at points regulated by road markings and traffic signs and signals.

The separate cycle tracks are designed on both roadway sides within the sidewalk areas and bicycle parking racks are provided next to Zira Shopping Center and Vukov Spomenik.

Due to introduction of new traffic elements (cycle tracks) along the section, in addition to the existing eight intersection controlled by traffic lights along the Ruzveltova and Mije Kovačevića Street, it was also necessary to install the traffic lights at the intersection of Mije Kovačevića Street and driveway to "Karaburma" student residence.

This design also envisages the complete reconstruction of water supply and sewage systems.